COVID-19 Info

Where to get respirators:
Guidelines for those infected:

For those tested positive we recommend the following guidelines:

1) Update eRouška app that you are positive!

2) Notify all individuals/groups you have been in contact with for the past 5 days before developing symptoms.

3) Self isolate for the next 10 days unless proven negative by a follow up test/symptomless for 2 full days if you had symptoms.

How to get PCR tested for free or at the faculty

Here are your options:

1) Call or visit your GP if you have symptoms, ask if they can refer you a testing facility to get tested for free.

2) Contact your insurance company, informing them of your symptoms and that you have been in contact with an infected individual. They will then refer you to a local hygiene center to call and then get your details to which you can go to any testing location and get tested for free once giving them your details (except those specifying self pay only).

3) Make an appointment at the Faculty testing facility.