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Built for Students by Students.


Welcome to the Official LF1 Student-Tutoring Association. LF1STA is a non-profit organisation, formed by highly motivated students, aiming to provide tutoring aids to students in need.


We aim to assist students, navigating through the mess of pre-clinical years'.

We provide different styles of tutoring: Individual or Group Tutoring.

Individual Tutoring: Please book a time slot below with one of our amazing tutors who will assist in their expertise in a 1 on 1 format. Ask anything and everything!

Group Tutoring: Every Sunday at 4 pm our weekly sessions will take place with 8 allocated spots tackling a specific topic and final questions with one of our talented tutors! Topics will follow the university curriculum and will be interactive as possible!

Due to the pandemic, we are currently running the course on MS Teams those that register below will receive an automatic confirmation email!

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram: @LF1STA

Email: lf1studenttutoringassociation@gmail.com

Any further questions, feel free to ask and follow below!

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