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Services Provided By Us


Student Support

LF1 Mental Health and Wellbeing Team 

Private Counseling

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

English Support Group Counseling

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you


Med school involves numerous stressors that can affect the well-being of students. This along with our everyday routine can be really exhausting. As students we would all appreciate knowing that we're not alone in this and that help is available for all those who seek it. Accordingly the newly formed Mental Health and Wellbeing team would like to ensure you always have someone to turn to.

Our ultimate goal is to normalize mental health issues and improve the existing support system within the university. As a first step, here on this web page, we have sought to provide you with the resources and contacts to aid your holistic wellbeing.

Please refer to the instructions and information provided in the link below

Psychological Counselling for all CU students and employees

We highly suggest approaching   our university 

counsellors first, for FREE


Make an appointment using the following application (Use your CAS login)


If there are no consultations available in the application you can ask the counsellor, you chose, to make an appointment for you via their e-mail (Provided below)

If you need any advice or help you can also write to:

For registration please use the CU website

Mindfullness coaching

Sessions are led by:

Mgr. Anna-Marie Pospíšilová 



We currently recommend Dr. Rektor for a brief appointment regarding  prescription only - not for personal treatment. 



These crisis centers offer psychiatric assistance to adults 24/7 and you can go there without an appointment. 



For emergencies & advocacy (police, hospitals, embassies) - FREE

For registration please use the CU website

support Groups for English speaking students

Meetings are facilitated by a coach Mgr. Jakub Fiala and a psychologist Mgr. Pavla Cípková  

Services Provided by Professionals

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