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The application for a long term residence permit for the purpose of studies, within the Czech Republic, primarily concerns non-EU nationals studying at our university. The procedure always seems to appear complicated and uncertain. Accordingly, this page aims to provide a comprehensive step by step guide on the suitable process to successfully obtain your student visa. 






ministries of interior

Each Ministry of Interior usually caters to residents from specific districts within Prague. It is important that you begin and preferably complete your application at the appropriate and designated location. For more information and recent updates, click here. ​

These two locations do not necessarily require appointments and accept walk-ins from Monday to Thursday. 


They usually open at 8am, however, the queue begins to form around 6:30am. Accordingly, if you do not wish to wait for a long time, we suggest you arrive at the location an hour or two in advance. 


It may help to bring along a friend proficient in the Czech language to facilitate the process, as sometimes the employees may not speak sufficient English

To book an appointment - 974 801 801

Hládkov 682/9

Praha 6 - Střešovice

Responsible for

foreign university students

We highly recommend you submit your application at this office.


The staff is usually fluent in English and in general more helpful. 

Making an appointment is mandatory and walk-ins are not accepted. Be careful not to miss your reservation repeatedly. 

To book an appointment - click here

Žukovského 888/2

Praha 6

Responsible for residents of

Prague 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 

Cigánkova 1861/2

Praha 4 - Chodov

Responsible for residents of

Prague 4, 5 and 10


Most commonly it is simply your intact and valid passport. 

This requires you to submit a bank statement of an account that is issued in your name, displaying sufficient funds. It must not be older than 6 months. It is recommended that you have around 100,000Kc for a one year residence permit and 160,000Kc for a two year residence permit. 

Your insurance must cover the entire duration of your stay in the Czech Republic. When applying for a two-year residence permit, you are required to be insured for a minimum of two years.

We recommend renewing your insurance with forStudents. 

7. stamps

Stamps worth 2500Kc must be provided during the submission of your application. These can be obtained from any post office in Prague. Make sure you bring along the stamps on your first visit, as you cannot start your application without them

A confirmation of study can be obtained upon request from the study department at the Dean's building. Remember to ask for a copy in the Czech language. 

Make a notarised copy of your lease agreement and submit it, keeping the original with you. Ensure that your landlord is the owner of the place of your residence. In case he/she is renting it from someone else or the government, then you are obligated to provide two rental agreements - between the owner and the renter + the renter and you.

If you live in a dormitory, you can ask for a copy of your accommodation contract at your dorm's accommodation office. Make sure it is in the Czech language, signed and stamped by the accommodation officer. 

This green form can be obtained from any of the MOIs. Only fill in details you are absolutely certain about.

If more information is required, the staff member at the counter will ask you to fill it in accordingly during the submission of your application. 

A regular passport size photograph should be sufficient for the purpose of your application.  




You are entitled to file the application for a long-term residence permit for the purpose of studies if you intend to stay in the Czech Republic for a period longer than 3 months.


It is recommended that you begin  your application procedure around 90 days before your current visa/permit expires. You can either book an appointment at one of the MOIs or decide to begin your application at the appropriate location without an appointment.


Gather all the required documents, in advance if you can, and keep them ready. 


In case you are at the office without an appointment, approach the terminal (expect a long queue behind it), enter the required details and obtain a ticket


In case you are at the office with an appointment, select your name displayed on the terminal and obtain your ticket. You must arrive at the office 30 minutes before or maximum 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment.


Submit all the available documents and begin your application process. If however, you are unable to provide all the required documents, it's perfectly fine. You can request for an extension on your application for up to 120 days and submit the remaining documents in that duration. 


Once your application has been completed and the permit has been approved in the following months, you will receive a call from the ministry and asked to schedule an appointment for submitting your biometric information. Select a time and date that is convenient for you. 


On the scheduled day, you will once again arrive at the office, with your passport, and obtain your ticket from the terminal. Your biometric data will be taken and you will be given another date and time to come and collect your biometric card. 


Once you reach the office to collect your residence permit, you will be asked to confirm some important details and sign a few documents. This will complete the whole process and you will finally receive your card.


It is important to remember that if you have an old biometric card that has expired, it must be returned to the office within 10 days of its expiry.       


Do not hesitate to contact our partner - forStudents, for any and all issues or required assistance with your visa applications.


frequently asked questions


How do I make a notarised copy of a document? 

Notarisation of a document can be done at specific places in Prague called 'CzechPoint', which are usually located within post offices. Once you arrive at a CzechPoint, request the staff member there to make - 'overenou kopii dokladu', and offer either your/your landlord's passport as an official reference document. For more information, click here.


How do I send my documents via post?

We sincerely recommend that you try to avoid sending your documents via post, as it is always better to submit them in person, ensuring that the office receives your documents. 

Nonetheless, if the circumstances compel you to resort to this option, you can go to Ceska Posta and get it done. Request for an envelope, place your documents and select the option - 'Doporucene Psani'. It is slightly more expensive, however, the post office will inform you about the delivery of your documents and will take full responsibility for the loss of your parcel. On the envelope, on the lower right corner, you must write the exact address of the MOI you are applying to. On the upper left corner, you must write your name, application number and your exact home address. You can download the app - Ceska Posta on your phone and monitor the status of your parcel. 

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